Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Brodie and I made handmade stepping stones for my mom and Matt's mom for Mother's Day.  We decided not to break them up because we liked the pictures better intact.

This one is for Matt's mom because she's Italian.

This one is for my mom because she's not Italian.  :)

I have a friend, Rochelle, who makes cards, sells supplies and teaches classes for a living.  Her shop is at Shore Cultural Centre in Euclid, so if you have a chance stop on by to pick up some of her handmade cards and more.

Her prices are super reasonable.  I only paid about $7.00 for all three cards.  If you look how much detail are involved, that's an awesome price.

The butterfly is an iris folded card, all hand folded.  It's simply beautiful.

You can find Rochelle on her Facebook page, and be sure to become a fan!!
She also has an Etsy shop too!!

I've been trying to get her to post more of her cards on Etsy.  Maybe this blog post will help.  :)