Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Studio 76 is ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!

Many of you know that we have been exploring various sites to open up either a studio or a storefront..or a combo of the two. This mission began last summer as we were approached by representatives of a number of community development officials from local neighborhoods, including the Collinwood, Euclid and Larchmere areas about considering a space...something that had previously crossed our minds, but seemed off in the distant future. However, this interest got our minds working and we became increasingly excited about the prospects.

After many months of contemplation, research, conversations and soul-searching, we were able to work out a mutually beneficial contract with Shore Cultural Centre in Euclid for what we consider the perfect space for what we want to do.

Shore has been under the management of Coral Company for a year now, and has literally been given a new "lease on life." Coral has made the building self-sufficient, has made many infrastructure and cosmetic improvements, has recruited a number of talented full-time tenants and has begun to get the word out about all of the great offerings that Euclid residents and Northeast Ohioans can benefit from.

In addition to us, Shore now boasts a culinary school, yoga instruction studio, video production company, adult theatre troupe, and many others who are full-time tenants. In addition, Shore is home to many different arts, culture and athletic classes, including: pottery, music, painting, dance, exercise, acting, guitar, piano, tutoring, college classes, sports, computers, keyboarding...and more!

As new tenants of Shore, our goal is to transform our space into a working studio where we will be able to commence production on all of our bath and body products, soaps, mineral make-up items, and hand painted magnets, keepsakes and other works of art. Eventually, we plan to provide classes of our own in the areas of soap making, painting, etc., with the hope of bringing in some of our ultra-talented friends and fellow artisans to pass along their vast knowledge in classes as well. Down the road, we also plan to turn a portion of Studio 76 into a small retail outlet where patrons can purchase our handcrafted items.

Right now, we are feverishly painting and prepping Studio 76 so that we can soon begin moving in our supplies, materials and workspace furniture. Below are a couple of photos of the outside of our space, as well as some informational/promotional pieces we generated. Enjoy!