Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kris Walsh Featured Artist @ Studio 76 For Shore Cultural Centre Open House

We're excited to announce that Kris Walsh is our first featured artist at the studio.  Kris dabbles in different mediums from sweet wreaths, digital art, pop art paintings to recycled game board handbags & wallets.  Her vision will draw you into her world and how she sees it.  Although we don't have any pictures, Kris makes the sweetest upcycled wallets made from cereal boxes, frozen pizza & dinner boxes, beer boxes and  more.  All are hand sewn with an overlay of clear plastic to protect them from the elements.

You can get a preview of some of Kris's work on her Etsy shop

During the Shore Cultural Centre Open House on Saturday May 15th 11am - 2pm you will be able to take a tour of the building and our studio.  Ourselves as well as Kris will have handmade goodie goods on display for your purchasing pleasure.