Friday, February 12, 2010

UpStage Artisan Alley

As almost everyone knows by now, our friends at UpStage asked us back in November to organize their craft show this year. Of course we jumped at the chance to help besides, we'd been talking about doing so for quite a while. We've been wanting to do a rock n' roll indie craft show. How better to showcase how we think a craft show should be and for a good cause. We have had quite a bit of inspiration to make it happen. First of all, all of the grandma craft shows where no one buys our stuff 'cause their all over the age of 80 and not interested (We don't have doilies). Oddmall & Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland. They are the two most rockin' Indie shows in the area. There is talent there like you've never seen before.
We are hoping that we can be even just a fraction as cool as the two previously mentioned shows. Let me tell you, organizing and getting press for a craft show is hard work. It's hard to make people care about the cause that the show is for and to get them excited. Well, luckily some people in the press cared as much as we do. We got write ups in The News-Herald, Scene Magazine, Cool Cleveland, The Collinwood Observer, and people have been blogging & tweeting about it.
My only worry at this point is that customers show....I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown today. I think I'll be virtually worthless at work obsessing about setting up tonight, getting vendors prepped, and getting a good crowd. So if you know me and see me today be gentle.
Say a prayer for everyone involved and wish us all luck!! As they say in the theater "Break A Leg!".