Monday, February 22, 2010

How Lucky We've Been!!

We have been working our tushies to the bone (I wish) since we have opened up our Etsy shop.  This probably wouldn't have ever happened if it weren't for Janiece from JBird's Garden & Brooke from Jukebox ART.  I knew there was a lot of work involved in getting things going but I didn't realize it was THIS MUCH WORK.  WOW!! We started it on January 31st and put on a few items and did some research.  After we finished organizing and completing UpStage Artisan Alley we dove in head first.

There's been fanning, posting, reposting, posting some more, promoting, listing, more listing, taking pics, fixing pics, organizing, learning and lots and lots and lots of reading and studying.  We've been doing all of this while working full time jobs, "taking care of 2 boys" and trying to get some sleep (but not very much).

So yesterday I'm doing our Etsy thing on the computer wondering if all of the work that we're putting into it will be worth it or all for not.  I go off to do some other stuff and was probably away from internet love for about 40 minutes when lo and behold.....A SALE!!!  WHAT?!  You heard me, a sale.  A TREASURY? WHAT?! You heard me, a treasury.  In that short amount of time we were listed in a treasury "Yikes! Stripes!" and had a sale.  Our first glorious sale.  I was squeeling like a little girl.  Needless to say the package was ready in less than half an hour.

So before I go to bed I check Etsy again when lo and behold.....A SALE!!! WHAT?! You heard me, a sale. A SECOND ONE!!!  Woot! Woot!  We got that one ready to ship in 15 minutes. One duckie bath set sold, one U2 magnet sold.  Now I'm usually really good about checking our Creative e-mail but I missed a couple yesterday.

I was dying to know where all of these people were coming from so I checked Google this morning when I woke up.  Tons of hits from e-mail referral.  Man someone must really love us and have a lot of friends to send this too.  Wait, our e-mail! I go back and look at the Etsy e-mail that was sent out.  OUR DUCKIES!!  Holy sugar snap Batman!!!  Our duckies were included in the The Storque "Etsy Finds Decor:  Family Affair!!"
How exciting!!

I am so totally addicted.  We love making and creating....and want to share it with everyone.  So Forbes,  if Cleveland is so miserable then why are we so happy?  Great things CAN & DO come out of Cleveland!